Being a Project Manager, married, with 3 kids while going for my graduate degree taught me a lot about time management. It taught me MORE about prioritizing my time.

Time is fluid it can be given to whatever task we want. The issue is that we for the most part delegate our time to most mundane, remedial tasks that really have no bearing on the priority of our day.

Basically I will spend 2 hours making my kids lunches when 1. they can do this themselves now and 2. its just lunch as long as it is edible they will eat it.  Its important to not only manage but dominate out time in our day. Lets focus on being productive and not just busy.

#1. List your projected goals for the day & week.    I on Sunday night, sometimes early Monday morning project what I will accomplish that week. I outline all my goals and as well as the supplementary tasks that it will take to accomplish each one. think of this list as a road map for your week. Stick to the List Ladies. Dont let anyone add to this list if you can help it.

#2. Allocate a day or hour to each goal.  Now this is the tricky part, we sometimes create lists and think we have to complete everything on that list at one time. If we don’t then we leave work, or go to bed feeling unaccomplished.  Attach a day or hour for each goal. I do at least one item on my list the first hour of every day.

Now there are times when that one hour is not enough to accomplish it. However I simply annotate the status and will mentally leave it alone until the very next morning. Even if you are not done with the task because the time ran out. Its imperative that you do not allow that one goal to run over into the remainder of your day. Dont let that one unfinished goal to dominate the rest of your day.

#3. Stop Multitasking. Yea yea I know we all love to do it. It’s nothing like being on the phone, checking an email and cooking dinner at the same time. It is a level of gratification that comes along with it. Like a superpower or something.

However for the most part doing more than one thing at a time sometimes result in doing many things at half potential. One of those things if we look back at it, was not done to 110% and or fell thru the cracks.  I have been guilty of this so many times,  While on the  will read emails at work, . Either I miss something in the email, or ask the person on the phone to repeat themselves over and over. Not a great look right?!

If I have to go back and read the same email twice, then I’m not dominating my time that well, am I?   We are not going to be perfect at this,  there will be days when just getting to work, and the kids having matching socks is a win.  A little time domination never hurt anyone. 😉


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