How to Start Improving your Credit

From a young age I knew that Credit was important. When you think about it, its more important than money. Yet somehow I still ended up ruining my credit so bad I would think twice about lending myself money. I ironically appreciate my bad credit days because now I can share some expert credit improvement tips with you guys. Hope this helps.

First of all its important to know how to pull your credit report.

One great free place is Free Credit Report←←← (click this link to get your free annual credit report.

They offer reports from all 3 Credit Bureaus. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion  mad face

I ‘m not a fan of TransUnion they are usually the first ones to report a negative item but the last ones to fix it.  However that’s for another day and another blog.

My recommendation would be to pull all 3 credit reports. You never know what agency will be used for the credit check so it’s important to pull all 3.

Your credit report is broken down into 5 main categories.  All 5 areas contribute greatly to your final credit score. All 5 categories are required to reflect accurate up to date information. Any information reflected in these categories CAN be disputed against.

Here is a dispute letter sample Dispute letter ←←←←← (click here)

1.Personal Information- This is where your name, address (current & previous) social security numbers date of births, old cell phone numbers. This information believe it or not can be inaccurate. Yes your score can be increased if you dispute an address you never resided at and it is removed. Crazy right??!!

2. Credit History Where old and current accounts are listed, to include the date it opened, balance due, status on account and credit limit.  Have you ever looked back at an old pic of yourself and thought to yourself “Why would I wear that”? Yes this will be the exact same thing.

3.Credit Score- Self explanatory right?!

4.Credit Inquiries- Any time a potential creditor, landlord, bank or car dealership wants to extend you any money . They will run a credit check, even if you are declined this inquiry will still populate on your report. Each inquiry is worth 7-10 points off your score. So be careful and think long and hard before you allow people to run your credit.

5.Records-Tax liens, bankruptcies, judgements, and even if you are behind on your child support it will show up in this area. If you have ever skipped out on your apartment/home payments and think you got over think again. It will show up on your credit report and can and will stay up to 7 years.

Ok guys that’s all I have for now hope this is helpful. Please subscribe and leave questions in the comments section if you want more like this, or have additional questions on what we covered today.

Thanks again.